SBS Megamall


The management company (MC) of SBS Megamall is a modern company that provides its employees with decent working conditions and a high level of remuneration. Many of our specialists have been working in the company since its inception and we are proud that throughout this time we have given our employees opportunities for growth and development within the organization.

All the members of MC SBS Megamall unite high moral principles, love for work, maximum dedication to their work and a desire to work and earn. Our employees work in a friendly atmosphere and help each other in solving joint problems.

Working at SBS Megamall

The Company's goal: Stable growth of profits using the most effective methods, ensuring the dynamic development of the Company and providing its employees with professional growth and high remuneration for their contribution.

We strive for constant growth and development, which means that we always need new and bright people who want to build a career and develop together with us.

It is important for us that regardless of the position, our future colleagues possess the following qualities:

  • the ability to achieve results. The process is important, but the most important thing is the result. We are personally responsible for each of our products.
  • initiative. We expect our colleagues to possess an active position in the life of our company without fearing to offer and discuss.
  • independence. We strive to work with those who are able to manage themselves: organize themselves, determine their tasks and find ways and methods to solve them.

Becoming part of the friendly team of MC SBS Megamall:

  • You will get a real opportunity for professional and career growth,
  • You will receive exactly that in the quality and in the quantity which you offer in return from us,
  • You will be proud of the company in which you work,
  • You will see that success is measured not only by simple figures.

Current vacancies

от 130000 до 150000Р
до 57500Р
до 46000Р
до 51000Р
от 40000 до 40000Р
до 57000Р
от 35000Р
до 55000Р
Send your CV to the human resources department of MC "SBS Megamall", if you believe that our team needs you