SBS Megamall

Shopping gallery

The shopping gallery of SBS Megamall combines more than 150 fashion brands in one place and is represented by well-known foreign and Russian brands.

The availability of different prices and the selection of a variety of goods allows any consumer to make fashionable purchases at any budget. The shopping gallery offers both boutiques with premium collections and democratic brands with moderate prices. A great choice of goods for any category of consumer will not allow anyone to leave without something new!

We offer a large selection of brands for our youth on the first floor of the shopping gallery, including clothing department stores for the whole family at affordable prices. The second floor of the shopping gallery can be called a shoe heaven filled with numerous shoe brands, as well as casual and work clothing stores. Our third floor has been dedicated mainly to our little ones filled with children's shops offering clothing, toys and related products.

The smart navigation on each floor allows you to easily navigate through a large selection of stores and easily find the brand or category of products that interest you!