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Welcome to three homeware stores of your dreams!

Салоны мебели и товаров для дома в МЦ СБС

СБС - мебельные магазины

Why should you buy furniture in MebelMall SBS

Because being a leader in the furniture market of the South Federal District for 30 years have convinced us that for you the best place to buy furniture is a place where there are as many sellers as possible of the highest standard who  are not scattered around the city, but collected in one convenient place for you in a struggle to offer you the:

  • ♦ Best Price
  • ♦ Best Choice
  • ♦ Best Quality and Service

Because over the last 30 years our roads have become longer and our lives have become shorter and more expensive! You have the right not to "kill" your only life in urban traffic jams going around all the furniture stores in the city in search of a better solution to the above three problems!

Because all of us here for 30 years have been selecting like fine jewellers, discarding and leaving only the best sellers for you (on an area of ​​more than 26,000sqm! Not only this, but we have left the most different kinds of sellers with the most different types of furniture especially for our buyers who have a variety of tastes and very different budgets! In order to create a healthy competition environment, we have left sellers not only offering different types of furniture, but also the best sellers having the same type of furniture, but with different prices tags or selling under different conditions! The best seller shall serve you and this is impossible to expect from one seller in a store, no matter how big he is!

Because you will see this right away as soon as you cross the border of any furniture and homeware centre in SBS Megamall!

Because we are trying to hear you better and more often for the last 30 years, in order to understand your desires better and look in one direction with you!

FOR THE ATTENTION OF the best Russian and international furniture and homeware sellers!

If you are able to offer our buyer a better price or quality, as well as a better service for similar products that our current sellers are selling, we shall immediately part with the worst of them, and their trading area will be provided to you! Please send your applications to

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