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Our cinema "Sem Zvezd" offers our guests the largest variety of films in Krasnodar with up to fifty screenings per day.

One must pay special attention to the only IMAX theatre in Krasnodar :

  • a giant movie screen 16 × 25 m: one of the largest digital IMAX screens in the world;
  • the most modern, accurate and powerful projector in the history of the film industry;
  • the most advanced and unsurpassed format in the world of cinema: the image of immense size and the highest quality, an inexpressibly real and powerful sound;
  • specially designed hallway allows you to feel a full involvement in what is happening around you;
  • screenings of films in IMAX 3D format: the best illusion of three-dimensional depth;
  • a unique system of vibratory "ButtKicker", creates an atmosphere of absolute immersion in film reality.

2 VIP-rooms– enjoy your movie in high comfort with armchairs and sofas, fully reclining up to a horizontal position. VIP guests are given the opportunity to make an order right during the screening!

In our eleven-screen cinema there are up to sixteen simultaneous screenings at one time!

All the rooms are fitted with widescreens, advanced acoustics and the Bass Shaker system. The foyer of the cinema is designed in the style of a fantastic shuttle, where a huge rack of film tickets resembles the control point of a spacecraft. For the convenience of our guests, we have at least 5 box offices operating at one time to minimize the number of queues for tickets.

In the foyer, as well as the hallway of IMAX, there are movie bars, where popcorn, snacks and drinks are available at affordable prices. In addition, one can find cozy recreation areas near the box offices, where guests can pass their time in anticipation of the beginning of a screening. For the convenience of our guests, we have an additional box office available in the area of our foodcourt.